Ice Cream Pint - 450ml - Merry Ice Cream
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Ice Cream Pint - 450ml
MYR 20.00 MYR 29.90
Estimated Delivery Time
5 to 7 working days


1. PENANG - Delivery within 5-7 working days.

2. KL/Selangor - Delivery within 5-7 working days.

3. Johor - Preorder services is available for Mount Austin, Skudai & JB area! Delivery will be 1st December onwards.


Flavour Description:-


Gula Melaka Ice Cream!


I'm Smooth and creamy! The smell of gula melaka and pandan is tangy! hold it in your mouth and enjoy it!


Tau Fu Fah Ice Cream! 

Smooth like cotton candy, 

Melts in your mouth immediately and the smell of bean curd will spread surounding your mouth and throat. Hhmmmmm~


Salted Egg Oreo Ice Cream! 


Yes! I made by raw salted egg yolk and mixed with Oreo crunches. 

One bite and the fragrance of the salted egg will spread from your mouth to nose. 

And the Oreo is so crunchy to bite! If you like crunchy ice cream, must try this!


White Coffee Ice Cream!

If you love coffee, don't miss this! 

Strong coffee smell and the bitterness will stay with your taste bud after taste, creamy and smooth! 


Kaya Toast Ice Cream!

Homemade Rich Kaya mixed with croutons, having a smooth ice cream with few bite of croutons, the taste of it is perfectly matched!


Strawberry Cheesecake

Made by pure strawberry and homemade cheesecake, you will feel strawberry taste at first and the cheesecake taste after. i got some biscuit in me and these are the perfect combination! Try me if you are strawberry or cheesecake lover!


Peppermint Mocha

MINT + COFFEE + CHOCOLATE! DON'T TRY ME! You will want me more once you try me. 


Rich Chocolate Ice Cream!

Made by 75% cocoa VERY RICH! Probably richer than your dad! B)


Passion Fruit Ice Cream!

SOUR! Don't blame me if I made your face expression became ugly. xD

Purely made from passion fruit itself.


Vanilla Ice Cream!

I'm just a normal vanilla.. but im not from essence, you can see my black dot (vanilla seeds) in my body. And my vanilla taste is strong and smooth!


Matcha Ice Cream!

I don't have the super green stinky taste, but I have a floral smell with me. You will love me!


Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream!

Many kids love me. Because I have a lot of chocolate chip inside me, and your tooth will fall in love with my crunchiness.


Dragon Fruit Sorbet

I'm 100% made by dragon fruit, im super fresh and my color is the most shining one! Hahaha


Soursop Sorbet!

I made by 100% pure soursop, i taste refereshing! Sweet and sour.

i used to be best seller too.. but unfortunately, im sold out =(

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